Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Read all about it: Dallas Fashion and Art Event

Some of you may remember that our Art Institute grad, Monica Pi, was one of the organizers for a really fantastic and important art and fashion event called "Yolk." Well, another event is upon us.

The Dallas Fashion and Art event is scheduled for January 28, but the DEADLINE to apply to submit your work as an Artist or Designer is December 15! If you would like your work to be featured, please enlarge and read the image below. This is especially applicable to graduates who already have a good collection of pieces and students who have taken enough design/construction classes to show their work:

If you are interested, the application for Fashion Design is here. You can enlarge, print, and complete. Email Michelle Roy at mroy99@yahoo.com to let her know that you would like to submit your completed application. She will let you know where to send it/drop it off:

Don't want to be a featured Artist/Designer? Don't worry! There is still opportunity for you to participate. The event organizers are seeking DRESSERS! If you are interested, please send an email indicating that you are available to help, along with your resume, to Rebecca Hargreaves, Head Wardrobe Stylist at rebeccahargreaves@hotmail.com.

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