Friday, August 21, 2009

Graduate Spotlight: Blaire Rabenorst Receives Attention from NYC Bloggers for Vintage Style

The Art Institute of Dallas Graduate, Blaire Rabenhorst, was recently featured on a New York City Style/Social Website Under the Arch. In order to read the site, you will need to subscribe, and obtaining a user name/password takes about a day. In the meantime, we've reprinted the post here:

Fri, 8.07.09
StylEnvy: Blaire Rabenhorst
The All Points West music festival last weekend in Jersey City will be remembered for many things, with music quite possibly being the last. We're not saying we didn't rock out to Coldplay, but braving the elements, in this case, mud up to your knickers, was less than pleasant and left many people with stained skin and probably a few diseases.

Needless to say, a select few concert-goers managed to maintain their fashion savvy amidst the sludge, booze and hula-hoopers entertaining the back rows with their belly dancer-like hip sways. Stylist and sales rep for Vintage Clothing in Brooklyn, Blaire Rabenhorst, was one such specimen. We met, oohed and aahed over her effortlessly eclectic ensemble, then dissected her style (and secretly wished we had VIP access to her closet).

Name: Blaire Rabenhorst

Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Job: Freelance Sales Representative and Stylist for Vintage Clothing Companies in NYC, Dallas and Louisiana

UTA: What is it like to work in vintage?

BR: When working with vintage pieces, one has to love, care, and appreciate it as if it were your pet or Blackberry! My experience with vintage has taught me that every piece has a story and that's what makes me value and treasure vintage clothing compared to your everyday ready-to-wear lines out there.

UTA: What are your favorite vintage pieces?

BR: I'm loving old hair net pieces and hats right now. They are such a great additional piece to an outfit besides your jewelry and purses.

UTA: How has working in vintage influenced your style?

BR: I no longer shop in commercial stores anymore because it's mass produced. Vintage clothing, jewelry, purses, belts and shoes are all one of a kind. You and only you have it!

UTA: What inspired your looks for All Points West?

BR: They were really last minute decisions! I feel that when I have time to think about an outfit, I will sit there and reevaluate every little detail – switching out the belt or necklace, changing the skirt, tying up the shirt in some different way, and in the end it just looks stupid. So I based my music festival outfits with what I felt comfortable in while also making a statement with my taste in style for concert gear.

UTA: Tell us what you're wearing. (See photo below.)

BR: I'm wearing cut up, washed out Levi's jeans, an Urban Outfitters twisted onesie, vintage sheer flower print robe, a flower hair accessory (made by me!), old school black Doc Martin boots and lots of fun costume jewelry.

UTA: What was your strategy for dressing fashionably considering the muddy terrain?

BR: My style strategy for APW considering the mud was to be prepared to get dirty, but also look fab at the same time. I knew there was tons of mud and water, so I was definitely going to wear boots that I could truck through the icky mud in. Even if it still had been raining, my clothes were totally going to be okay. I love making statements with my clothes. My body is a canvas, and I like to paint it everyday with crazy and unique clothing.
- uta

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