Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Blogger Jennifer Rodgers: Working Behind the Scenes

Jennifer Rodgers, Fashion and Events Coordinator for NorthPark Center, shared the following information with us:

What does your job entail?

- On the events side of my job I work on coordinating events within the center such as Fashion at the Park and Model Search, and I also get to work with the tenants on their in-store events.

- On the fashion side of my job I get to dress with anchors, Paige, Robert, and Amy, of Good Morning Texas on a daily basis, their clothing is provided exclusively by NorthPark. Also, I get to plan and pull clothing, gifts, and accessories for any news segments that we do throughout the year.

Can you recall a particularly interesting or fun event?

- A fun memory from my job would have to be when I got to plan my very 1st event for NorthPark all on my own. It was a bridal event that I had to make a budget figure out rental, model costs, hire and fashion show producer, and make my vision for this event a reality. Well, of course everything that could go wrong did, including busting my butt while getting one of the male models from the dressing room, but I did do one thing right… I hired my previous boss, Jan Strimple, to produce the fashion show. She did such a great job, as always, and had also had a amazing ability to keep me calm. In the end the event turned out beautifully and everyone was happy!

What advice would you give to a student or graduate who wants a job like yours?

- The biggest piece of advice I can give to student who want to get into the fashion industry is to go to as many fashion events and parties you can, whether you are a volunteer or some ones plus one, you must network! I would not be where I am today with out the great people in my life pointing me in the right direction and opening up all the right doors. I am truly blessed!

Below: Jennifer working backstage at a runway show, completing last-minute alterations to a very full skirt!

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