Thursday, September 3, 2009

Advice from Sr. Director of Sales at Donna Karan...

As you all know, Donna Karan was at Neiman Marcus on Tuesday, August 25. Senior Director of Sales, Felita Harris, thoroughly explained Donna's System of Dressing, which honors the power of the woman. The pieces are beautiful and timeless, and we loved the skirt with a twist-in-the-back (look for it...).

Felita Harris (left), Donna Karan Sr. Director of Sales discusses Donna's System of Dressing

(photo credit: Jason Janik)

Felita, who has been with Donna Karan for six years and was recruited by a former president of DK, is a wealth-of-knowledge, and she was happy to demystify the how-to's of breaking into the fashion industry:

Did you work while you were in college? Yes - in Retail Management.

How important is prior retail/wholesale experience to Donna Karan?

Is prior experience important when applying to ALL entry-level positions with designers?
Yes, nothing like experience!

What is the best way to network and meet new people?
Consider everyone you meet a "contact".. You never know who will or could refer you to future jobs. Stick with the task at hand.. If you put pride in your current job, people will notice and you will get promoted.

I know you travel a lot with your job.what are the (3) Can’t-leave-home-without-it things you ALWAYS pack for every business trip?
Makeup, under garments, jersey from Donna karan.

What fashion-related blog/website/publication do you read every day?

Final piece of advice for students seeking their degrees in Fashion Design and Fashion & Retail Management:
*Most careers in fashion are not glamorous.. Be willing to assist in whatever capacity you're needed. Think outside the box and be ready when the "ball" is tossed to your court...
*Never dismiss anyone based on their current job position. You never know where people will end up...
*Strive to work harder than the person you report to. Behind every great manager is an amazing support team...
*Always start with the company's "style" preference.. You can always incorporate pieces of your personal style. Just remember that companies are looking for people who wear THEIR clothes well...
*Be FRIENDLY AND EASY TO WORK WITH. Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. If it doesn't feel like work then you're in the right place..

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