Monday, September 14, 2009

Portfolio Show and Fashion Show

Our Portfolio Show and Fashion Show are coming up! (click on image above to view invitation)

This quarter's collections are proving to be incredibly unique. For example, Katie Newell will be presenting a 100% organic, eco-friendly and sustainable collection, the first-ever of its kind at ANY of The Art Institute Campuses. Also, Sherie Johnson has designed edgy (and adorable) footwear to coordinate with her runway fashions. Katie and Sherie are joined by their equally talented and imaginative classmates, and you won't want to miss their beautifully constructed and inspired designs.

Likewise, the Portfolio Show will feature graduating seniors who are serious about standing-out. Come see a funky super-hero inspired line by Sean Charles, and take a walk through the streets of London with Kory Johnson. Frankly, each portfolio that is being presented is unique and thoughtful, and the designers are ready to walk you through it!

Thursday, September 24
6:00pm to 7:00pm (Portfolio Show)
7:00pm to ? (Fashion Show)
Richardson Civic Center
411 Arapaho

Below are some photos from our Winter 2009 Portfolio Show:

Yasmina Johnston with her incredibly artistic display...

A shot of Sarah McLaughlin's exquisite bridal-inspired display:

Michelle Brown, currently working as an Assistant Designer with Cooper by Courtney.

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